Hi there and welcome!

Sonder Lane Photography, was created by two Chicago mamas, Bronwen and Jessamyn, who bonded over their unique names AND their love of photographing their kiddos and friends! Eventually it hit them... Why not combine creative forces and start something amazing?! And voilà, Sonder Lane was born in the late summer of 2015 (mazel)! 

Our goal is to capture life's sweetest moments and produce rad photos for the urban family. We are on-location, natural light, lifestyle photographers and we love telling stories through our work. Emotive and real, we document it all. We typically shoot together so you get different views captured simultaneously and because there are two of us, we tend to be pretty quick - another nice perk when kiddos are involved.

So where the heck does the name "Sonder Lane" come from, you might -ask?! Sonder is a word we came across that means "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." Pretty awesome, right? We thought lane (inspired by "memory lane") paired along nicely. 

Bronwen (left) and Jess (right) with our tribe.



“These ladies make the best team. It's not easy to get toddlers to focus during a photo shoot, but Bronwen & Jess made my son comfortable and happy from the very beginning. They were able to capture so many great shots during our quick mini session. I'm looking forward to the next reason to have our photos taken with Sonder Lane.”


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